Dr. Richard Adu-Acheampong
Name: Dr. Richard Adu-Acheampong
Position: Entomology Divison, Snr. Research Scientist
Qualification: BSc. (Agriculture) Ghana; M.Phil. (Entomology) Ghana; PhD. Biology, Imperial College, London
Awards: .

Research Interests:
  • Mirid rearing methods, mirid and fungal pathogen-cocoa genotype interactions
  • Ecology of cocoa stem borers
  • Environmentally safer methods for pests and diseases control in cocoa.
Membership of Association:
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Selected Publications:
  • Adjei-Nsiah, S., Adu-Acheampong R.,Debrah, K., Dembele, F., Lassine, S., Ouologuem, B., Saidu, A., Vissoh, P., Zannou, E. (2013) Defying “the pervasive bias” against the African smallholders: Identifying entry points for institutional change. Development in practice, 23 (7): 843 - 856.
  • Richard Adu-Acheampong (2012) Cocoa in Ghana. pp. 63-68. In Suzanne Nederlof and Rhiannon Pyburn (eds). One finger cannot lift a rock: Facilitating innovation platforms to trigger institutional change in West Africa. KIT Publishers Amsterdam
  • Richard Adu-Acheampong, Simon Archer and Simon Leather (2012) Resistance to dieback disease caused by Fusarium and Lasiodiplodia species in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) genotypes. Experimental Agriculture, 48 (1): 85-98.
  • Adu-Acheampong, R. and Archer, S. (2011) Diversity of Fungi Associated with Mirid (Hemiptera: Miridae) Feeding Lesions and Dieback Disease of Cocoa in Ghana. International Journal of Agricultural Research, 6: 660-672.
  • Adu-Acheampong R, Padi B, Ackonor J. B., Adu-Ampomah Y, and Opoku I.Y (2007) Field performance of some local and international clones of cocoa against infestation by mirids, pp. 187-188. In Global Approaches to Cocoa Germplasm Utilisation and Conservation: A Final Report of the CFC/ICCO/IPGRI Project on Cocoa Germplasm Utilisation and Conservation: A global approach, 1998 2004.
  • Adu-Acheampong, R, Ackonor, J. B., Sarfo, J. E. and Padi, B. (2005) Seasonal occurrence, spatial distribution and control of the cocoa stem borer, Eulophonotus myrmeleon in Ghana. Tropical Science 45: 129-132.