Mr. Stephen Yaw Opoku
Name: Mr. Stephen Yaw Opoku
Position: Research Scientist - Physiology/Biochemistry Division
Qualification: B.Sc Botany (Plant Physiology and Biotechnology) University of Ghana; M.Phil Botany (Plant Physiology and Biotechnology) University of Ghana.
Awards: .

Research Interests:
  • Molecular breeding
  • Flavour quality analysis of cocoa.
Membership of Association:
  • Ghana Science Association
Selected Publications:
  • Opoku S. Y., Dadzie M. A., Padi F.K., Adu-Acheampong R., Assuah M.K., Johnson V., and Opoku-Ameyaw K. (2012). A Guide to Clonal Cocoa Cultivation. Ghana Fine Flavour Cocoa Project. (ISBN 978-9988-1-6604-5).
  • Opoku S. Y., Padi F.K., Adomako B., Dadzie M. A., Adu- Ampomah Y (2010). Analysis of variation in bean yield components in a cocoa progeny trial. Proceedings of the 16th International Cocoa Research Conference (ISBN 978-065-959-5). pp 1425 - 1433
  • Padi, FK., Domfeh, O., Takrama J., Opoku SY. 2013. An evaluation of gains in breeding for resistance to the cocoa swollenshoot virus disease in Ghana. Crop Protection 51: 24 - 31.
  • Padi FK, Takrama J, Opoku SY, Dadzie AM, Assuah M. 2013. Early stage performance of cocoa clones in relation to their progenitor ortets: implications for large-scale clone selection. Journal of Crop Improvement 27:319-341.
  • Padi FK, Opoku SY, Adomako B, Adu-Ampomah Y. 2012. Effectiveness of juvenile tree growth rate as an index for selecting high yielding cocoa families. Scientia Horticulturae 139: 14 - 20.
  • Opoku-Ameyaw K., Baah F., Gyedu-Akoto E., Anchirinah V., Dzahini-Obiatey H.K., Cudjoe A.R., Aquaye S. and Opoku S.Y. (2010). A Source Book for Sustainable Cocoa Production.